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Mehrdad Advice For New Designers!

Even if you are a web designer, this doesn’t mean that you know everything. Web design is a business that is constantly changing and adapting, and therefore, if you want to attract more clients, you will need to learn the bets tips that are on the market. All these tips are represented by a few key things, such as creating an easy to use website.

If you are willing to take a closer look to all these tips, you will be able to improve your pages in a considerable way.

Tip #1

The first thing you should know is the fact that the webpage has to load fast. Even if you don’t do anything else in order to improve your website, you still have to take care about the speed. You must also take into account the fact that the speed is noticed only when it is missing.

Tip #2

There is another thing you should keep in mind, and this is the fact that a website should be as long as it has to be. Even if people want more information from your website, they don’t like too many details. This is the reason you should keep it as short as possible.

Tip #3

If you want to attract a great number of individuals, you should definitely organize your website in the best way. If your website contains lots of information, being in some way long, you should use anchor links that can actually help.

Tip #4

The secret of a great website is to use small images that will look amazing and that won’t occupy too much space. Additionally, they are also clearer, and therefore the user will be able to have a better look.

Tip #5

Talking about images, it is safe to talk about colors, since you will have to pay attention to every single combination you are going to make. You can also think about color symbolism whenever you have to take a decision.

Tip #6

You should have a broader view concerning websites, and therefore you can start thinking in a more global way. Keep in mind that there are many people who might end up visiting your online place, and therefore it should be as clear as possible.

Tip #7

Hopefully, this tip will remain one of the most important ones, especially because it states the fact that there is an increasing number of people who don’t like grammatical errors. They also judge a website based on the grammar that has been used.

Tip #8

If you will maintain your website, you will escape from the problem of broken links.

Tip #9

Avoid to invite people to push the ‘click here’ button. Instead, you should write something interesting that will invite people to access a certain links.

Tip #10

If you want to prove the fact that you are the best, you should definitely add your contact information, allowing the users to find in an easy way.